Thursday, February 16, 2012

Dawn Breaks At Big South Fork River

I camped out here one night on a road trip through Kentucky. The view is from the mining bridge
of the Blue Heron Coal Mine, a partially restored coal mining town within the confines of 
Big South Fork River National Recreation Area. It's a bit remote, and although the government built 
a generous infrastructure there to support tourism, it is pretty much deserted most of the time...that is
except for the hundred or so black bears that roam the park. Be

The Blue Heron mine is still there as is the massive 'Tipple' ( structure for filling RR cars with coal and one of the only ones still existing )
which in turn is served by the impressive copper painted iron bridge spanning the river. 
A nice collection of RR cars is also on display.
Unfortunately, the town itself is largely gone, but historic photos of it can be seen at the NPS website:

There is a service that runs a tour through the mining camp, however it is easy enough to navigate oneself
and there are many informational displays about as well as various trails throughout.
View my photo of the restored tipple bridge here:

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