Friday, February 10, 2012

City Market Redesign


View of newly redesigned City Market from Southwest Entry ( click to enlarge )

Noteworthy Indianapolis Architect Lynn Molzan contacted me to collaborate on the new renovation for City Market in downtown Indianapolis, whose current ambience at the time was bland and uninspiring. 
We had a small budget that didn't include much beyond new paint
and finishes but we were able to make a substantial improvement in the overall ambience which the venue demanded.

I started by building a fairly elaborate and accurate model of the City Market in Sketchup 
with suggestive booth mockups and major accessories. Color was then added 
to give us a good idea of what it might look like and the model was then ready for use 
as a tool to find our viewpoint for the design rendering.

The Sketchup 3D model ( click to enlarge )...more photos of the model available at my website: 

Although I had already created a Sketchup model which I could have taken 'to the next level' in a photorealistic style, two items made it unfeasible as well as undesirable.  One, the level of complexity in 'stocking shelves' with 3D modeled goods would be overwhelming in terms of labor and memory consumption and two, a photoreal rendering cannot duplicate the artistic design qualities of a hand drawn piece of artwork, which is far easier for a client to grasp in the design phase. 
Once a photoreal rendering is made, the project becomes 'set in cement' within a clients mind so to speak, and the idea of making alterations to the design becomes more difficult to access. A hand rendered illustration has a much lighter character to it, making it a far better choice within the context of presenting a 'design' to a client.

The most expensive line item was new lighting. Although the budget was small, the Mayor insisted that the final look follow my illustration as closely as possible. Some items were impossible, but the custom fabricated, massive red serpentine hanging fixtures which run the entire length of the market on both sides are my original design and were considered a must have.

View of Market from Southwest Stairway ( click to enlarge )

Detail view of custom fabricated lighting.( click to enlarge )

This project has been an absolute success in creating a festive market atmosphere
which generates excitement through the creative use of color and environmental character.

The final design illustration ( click to enlarge ) which was remarkably cited again and again
as the driving agent behind what the Mayor wanted the City Market to look like when finished.

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